Name Designation Phone No.
Dr. Yusufa Nafees Principal, HGDC 0532-2978601
Dr. Erum F. Usmani Chairperson, UGAT, B.A. 7754079834
Dr. Sabiha Azmi Coordinator, UGAT, B.A. 9453026110
Dr.Shabana Aziz Member, Admission Committee,B.A. 9415890393
Ms. Tazeen Fatima Member, Admission Committee,B.A. 9005389091
Dr. Amna Farooqi Chairperson, Admission Committee, B.Com. 9415306308
Dr. Amita Agarwal Member, Admission Committee, B.Com 9335045877
Mrs. Naseha Usmani Coordinator, B.Voc JMC & ST 9559258741
Dr. Nasreen Begum Coordinator, B.Voc & M.Voc FDE 9369151753
Mrs. Neerja Verma Chairperson, PGAT 9839457722
Mrs. Zareena Begum Coordinator, PGAT 7007400501
Mrs.HenaFarheen Member, Admission Committee, B.A. 9651784271
Mrs. Shahnaaz Fatima Kazmi Member, Admission Committee, B.Com 8382894289

For any query or problem contact to the members of Hamidia Admission helpdesk, please email at admissions@hgdc.ac.in